5 Key’s to Playoff Success in Fantasy Hockey.

Every fantasy hockey league is diverse and has a plethora of stat categories and rules to consider. Here are five tips to give you a competitive edge for your run to championship glory!

  1. Check the schedule. Obviously right?! But it can be the difference between winning and losing so hear me out. This week in Yahoo fantasy leagues which typically run from Sunday-Sunday, there are two teams who play five games (Nashville and Carolina) ,eighteen playing four games and ten teams playing three games. Now I am not saying drop a superstar for a bad player on a team that plays five games but it might be beneficial to drop one of your fringe players for someone who can give you similar stats for more games.
  2. Really check the schedule: It is also important to look at when each game is played. Most teams in the NHL have a fairly even schedule for the entire week, but that is not always the case. The Buffalo Sabres demonstrate this playing two games early in the week and then not playing until Sunday. This means that you can play these players for the first two games and still pick up another player who plays more games later in the week maximizing your possible stats for the week. That begin said, be careful as any player you decide to drop can be claimed by an opponent in the future. Weigh the cost and make the appropriate decision- for better or for worse.
  3. Avoid emotional attachment to players that have brought you this far: Having the best fantasy team does not guarantee you a championship, not even close! Holding onto players that are going through a bad stretch could be your fantasy downfall. In my league, I wanted to hold onto Corey Perry because I believed if I held onto him long enough he was going to catch fire and put up the goals we all expect from him, but once the playoffs started it was time for me to finally part ways with him and pick up another player (although I might have to drop his replacement Coyle as well) who could potentially give me a boost.Granted, it is hard to predict who is going to get hot so it is more important to grab players who are preforming rather than holding onto players who have a higher ceiling.
  4. Play the Man:  Make sure you are playing against your specific counterpart. Check the stat categories during the week and pick up players that will benefit specific categories you need to win. An example from last week: I picked up Justin Braun from San Jose and dropped Cam Fowler in the process. Braun, although not the best shot blocker available played two games and helped me win this category when a player like Kris Russell would have only played one game.
  5. Keep Moves Available: Every league has different rules about how many moves (adds/drops) have throughout the year. If you happen to be in a league such as mine that has a limit on moves it becomes important to make sure that you save these moves for the playoffs. I am not saying that you need to save every single move but it is important to have at least 10 available before entering the playoffs. Every single man game is important  this time of year and not having moves can severely cripple your team, potentially causing you to lose. I was fortunate enough to play against an opponent that did not have any moves left on his team and that is the only reason I was able to win.

Although there are tips that I did not highlight, these are some key things to note if you want to dominate in your fantasy leagues. If you have any other tips comment on my Facebook page.


The Welshman




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