Didn’t make the Playoffs? No worries you can still make moves that matter for your team.

Unlike the actual NHL season most fantasy leagues start their playoffs either this week or the week previous. Before I talk about playoff strategy it is important to note that if you are currently in a league that allows for fantasy franchises to keep players your season is not over. If you do not know what I mean I will quickly explain. Now in my league (League of Shadows) we are allowed to have three different keepers of any specific league. Any competitive league that players are apart of will most likely have keeper players as well. Now as significant players get injured within the next few weeks fantasy GM’s will have to make decisions on whether they want to drop the player and pick somebody up off of free agency in order to try and continue to win. Seeing as there must be a reason that you as a franchise did not make the playoffs there is a significantly high chance that you might get to improve your keeper list without have to pay any draft picks for the following season if you stay vigilant.

Now this being said I believe that it is important for league officials to monitor every transaction that happens at this point in order to make sure that it is legitimate as it does effect the upcoming draft and studs that may have been available to other teams in the draft could be stolen away. You might not understand exactly what I am saying so I will be more clear. Most leagues are run with groups of friends which means that it might seem Acceptable for collusion of dropping players to happen once a team has been eliminated from the playoffs. Meaning that once a team is eliminated they do not have any other use for players who are not in their keepers list. This might prompt them to want to help a team which is less fortunate as it seems like their will or would be no consequences. However it is important to maintain a certain integrity as a league and therefore it is important to have a commissioner that is active and willing to look into these kind of transactions. I have heard some horror stories about some commissioner and what they have done with their leagues and although I give him a hard time am extremely grateful that my league has a really good set of commissioners.


If you have any questions or other tips about what you should do once you are eliminated from the playoffs comment on here or my Facebook page.


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